Judging at the 2019 Academic Symposium

Opt-In Judging

For the fourth year, faculty judges will evaluate Symposium presentations, providing students with valuable feedback and making them eligible for awards. Unlike previous years, all students will have the opportunity to receive feedback, but only students who opt in for judging will have their presentations scored and be eligible for awards. The three top-scoring presentations will receive awards for outstanding work in each of the following categories:

  • Oral Presentations, Undergraduate
  • Oral Presentations, Graduate & Professional
  • Poster Presentations, Undergraduate
  • Poster Presentations, Graduate & Professional
  • Fine Arts Presentations
  • Virtual Symposium Presentations
Honorable Mentions will be awarded to other high-scoring student work.

Award Winners and Honorable Mentions are published in the Student Work section of the Campbell Accolades (See 2018 Campbell Accolades, p. 50-55.)

Evaluation rubrics are available below:

Faculty Judges

Are you interested in participating in the Academic Symposium as a Faculty Judge? Sign up to participate by filling out this form. Contact Steve Bahnaman or your Student Research Committee representative for more information.