9th Annual Academic Symposium Award Winners

The following outstanding presentations, posters, and creative works were awarded prizes at the 9th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Each student is listed along with their faculty mentor. If the presentation was recorded, a link to the video recording is provided.

Undergraduate Oral Presentations

  • 1st: Caroline Wilson, "Enabling & Constraining: Structuration Theory in the Campus Kitchen at Ballard University," Dr. J. Dean Farmer, Communication Studies
  • 2nd: Hannah Grace Allison & Dakota Dawn Goldsmith, “Facial Profiling,” Dr. Jutta Street, Psychology
  • 3rd (tie): Zach Berly, "Demobilizing the Andean Abyss: Entertainment Education in Colombia," Prof. Brian Bowman, Communication Studies
  • 3rd (tie): Rachel Davis, "Portrayal of Conditions of Steerage Travel in the Age of Mass Migration," Dr. Sal Mercogliano, History

Graduate and Professional Oral Presentations

  • 1st: Shaina Gordon, Tanner Mabry, & William Rathell, "Investigation of an Anomalous Muscle in the Hand," Dr. Maxx Toler & Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Osteopathic Medicine
  • 2nd: Timothy Carl Williams, "Aversion to the Best: The Subtle Advances of Sloth," Dr. Cameron Jorgenson, Divinity
  • 3rd: Gabrielle Gallagher & Emilee Handyside, "Development of a Novel Transformation Procedure to Modify the Mitochondrial Genome," Dr. Warren Lushia, Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate Poster Presentations

  • 1st: Brynn Hudgins, "Comparison of Rate of Perceived Exertion Load and Daily Wellness Scores," Dr. Jennifer Bunn, Exercise Science
  • 2nd: James Giddens, "Tropical Dry Forest Restoration," Dr. Christopher Havran, Biology
  • 3rd: Elizabeth Johnson, Taylor Jones, Madison Sauls, ​& Jordan Whittenton, "The Correlation Between Parenting Styles and Social and Academic Outcomes in Collegiate Level Students," Dr. Jutta Street, Psychology

Graduate and Professional Poster Presentations

  • 1st (tie): Sheniece Carpenter, Diana Charles, & Megan Gidron, "An Analysis of the Association between a Diagnosis of Depression and Comorbid Chronic Diseases in Patient Visits with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS)," Dr. Melissa Holland & Dr. Michael Jiroutek, Clinical Research
  • 1st (tie): Gitanjali Kerkar, "Pediatric Milk Based Efavirenz Freeze-dried Nano-emulsion Formulation and Characterization," Dr. Qinfeng Liu & Dr. Mali Gupta, Pharmaceutical Science
  • 1st (tie): Ina Lico, Dominic Putala, Saadiya Sehareen, & Robert Shebiro, "Cadaveric Case Study: Squamous Cell Lung Carcinoma with a Review of Targeted Therapies," Dr. Bonnie Brenseke & Dr. Terrence Mitchell, Osteopathic Medicine
  • 1st (tie): Ninad Mukadam, "Formulation and Evaluation of Econazole Nitrate Transferosomes," Dr. Antoine Al-Achi, Pharmaceutical Science

Fine Arts

  • 1st: Sharon Park, "Lily Frog Cup," Prof. Maggie Horvath
  • 2nd: Susana Martinez, "Red Flower," Prof. Breck Smith
  • 3rd: Maya Palmer, "Puppy Love," Prof. Breck Smith

Virtual Symposium Video Presentations

  • 1st (tie): Sequoia Miller (Campbell Online), "The Effects of Interpersonal Relationships on Urgency of Altruistic Behaviors," Dr. Katherine Van Allen, Psychology
  • 1st (tie): Mary Gatti (Campbell Online), "Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Schools," Dr. Terrie Bethea-Hampton, Education
  • 3rd: Emily Newton (CPHS - Master of Clinical Research Online), "The Role of Psychological Factors in Pediatric Functional Abdominal Pain Disorders," Dr. Miranda van Tilburg, Clinical Research