Library Study Zones

The library is committed to providing study spaces that reflect the diverse learning styles of our students. In order to provide an environment that is conducive to studying, the library is divided into study zones.

Silent Study Zone

In this study zone, only silent, independent study is allowed. Students must have their mobile devices off or on silent and may not converse.

Library Silent Study Zones:

Kivett 2nd to 4th floors

Quiet Study Zone

In this study zone, students may talk at a whisper, but only if necessary. Quiet music through headphones is allowed, but should not be loud enough for neighbors to hear.

Library Quiet Study Zones:

Wiggins Basement
Wiggins 2nd floor: Open Study Area
Periodicals Reading Room

Group Study Zone

In this study zone, students may quietly converse and work collaboratively.

Library Group Study Zones:

Group study rooms
Wiggins 1st floor: Information Commons
Wiggins 3rd floor: CMMC

Mobile devices should never be loud enough to disturb other people. If you need help encouraging neighbors to comply, you may ask a librarian to step in.