7th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 2:00 PM
Rm 225
Presenter(s): Sheldon Irving
Title: Search and Seizure, Stop and Frisk, High Reward or Heavy Risk?
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Catherine Cowling , Criminal Justice

Growing up in a big city, such as New York City and Danbury, Connecticut, stop and frisks and unreasonable search and seizures has been witnessed by many citizens. This topic would fit me perfectly due to real life experiences by witnessing citizens racially profiled which led to them being stop and frisked. Stop and frisk, you must have reasonable suspicion, but some police officers may racially profile a citizen and use it as an excuse to have "reasonable suspicion" to stop a citizen because of their race or ethnicity. Therefore, I choose search and seizure and stop and frisk as a topic to speak about because being from an inner-city, which is a part of a bigger city, you come across the adversities and controversies on a daily basis.