7th Annual WML Academic Symposium

Time: 1:00 PM
Rm 224
Presenter(s): Nathan Ameen
Title: Hamstring Strain of D1 Collegiate Football Player
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Sarah Christie , Exercise Science

Background: D1 football player rehabilitated from Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair reports an injury in hamstring of the surgical leg. Athlete left for summer internship and began unsafe exercise pushing through pain. Athletic Trainer observed edema with significant swelling and crepitus upon return to school. Differential Diagnosis: Myositis Ossificans; Grade 2 Hamstring Strain Treatment: Diagnostic Ultrasound showed possible boney tissue growth; MRI revealed irritation of hamstring graft location. Subject removed from activity and was rehabilitated with graded exercise and therapeutic modalities. Uniqueness: Diagnostic ultrasound not accurate. Athlete’s unsafe use of therapeutic modalities; effects of these activities still being researched.