Time: 11:00 AM
Rm 303
Presenter(s): Danielle Dolphin
Title: ¡De panzazo! or “barely hanging on (by a thread)": A View of the Education System in Mexico/ ¡De panzazo! o “barely hanging on (by a thread)": Un punto de vista del sistema educativo en México
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Rene Ibarra , Spanish

This presentation aims to investigate the status of the education system in Mexico. At school, students are faced with poor conditions and receive sub-par education. “De panzazo!” a documentary on the education system in Mexico, is an example of a source which searches for facts about the lack of performance and funding. The title itself means “barely hanging on (by a thread),” which eludes to the situations discovered. Through this presentation, the state of Mexico’s school system will be discussed to identify the lack of adequate education that this country faces. The presentation will be conducted in Spanish.