Time: 9:30 AM
Rm 224
Presenter(s): Audrey Jordan and Berenice Pena
Title: "Pobre Juan" and the Challenges of Immigration to the U.S.
Developed under the guidance of Dr. Venancio R. Ibarra , Spanish

We will be presenting on the social significance of the song “Pobre Juan” by Maná. This song shares a story about a man, Juan, and his immigration to the United States. This song is relatable to many immigrants in the U. S., because it reveals the struggles that ultimately force individuals to immigrate in order to find a better life. In addition, “Pobre Juan” also unveils some of the tragic realities immigrants face on their journeys. This story offers a prime example of the trials and obstacles immigrants face. In fact, many people never even make it to U. S. nor return to see their family members.
In this song, the band Maná tells us why Juan has to leave his pregnant wife. He does not have enough money to provide for them both, so he must cross the U.S.-Mexico border in order to earn higher wages by working in the U.S. Juan makes many sacrifices in his dangerous attempt to cross the border illegally, because he is desperate to find a way to support his family. Unfortunately, at the end of the song, we discover that Juan never returns to his wife and child nor does he arrive in the U. S. to work.
The key issue of this song is the cause of illegal immigration as well as dangers involved in crossing the border without a visa. The story of “Pobre Juan” may be fictional, but the circumstances and the outcome are all too real, and there are many true stories to prove it.