New Books in February 2018

Books acquired by the libraries in February 2018 are listed below. The books are listed in the order of their call numbers.

-- B --

B802 .C66 2017
Commerce and peace in the Enlightenment / edited by B‚ela Kapossy, University of Lausanne, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Yale University, Richard Whatmore, University of St Andrews

B1298 .T65 J65 2016
Toleration and understanding in Locke / Nicholas Jolley

BF575 .R33 P75 2017
A theory of regret / Brian Price

BF637 .S8 G3145 2018
Cowgirl power : how to kick ass in business and life / Gay Gaddis

BJ1278 .C66 C69 2015
Water shaping stone : faith, relationships, and conscience formation / Kathryn Lilla Cox

BJ1475.3 .R633 2017
The beneficiary / Bruce Robbins

BL65 .M4 S56 2008
Blind faith : the unholy alliance of religion and medicine / Richard P. Sloan

BL65 .S4 M685 2017
Passionate and pious : religious media and black women's sexuality / Monique Moultrie

BL240.3 .C535 2015
Thinking about faith in God : how belief makes science possible / Jonathan Clatworthy

BL255 .L66 2017
The mind of God : neuroscience, faith, and a search for the soul / Dr. Jay Lombard ; foreword by Patrick J. Kennedy

BL625.5 .G25 2015
The only mind worth having : Thomas Merton and the child mind / Fiona Gardner, foreward by Rowan Williams

BR95 .E87 2017
Evangelical dictionary of theology / edited by Daniel J. Treier and Walter A. Elwell

BR95 .M86 2017
Dictionary of Latin and Greek theological terms : drawn principally from Protestant scholastic theology / Richard A. Muller

BR99.74 .S65 2015
Online mission and ministry : a theological and practical guide / Pam Smith

BR115 .P7 S565 2017
Awaiting the King : reforming public theology / James K. A. Smith

BR118 .R43 2015 V.1
Readings in the history of Christian theology

BR118 .V44 2017
Introducing theological method : a survey of contemporary theologians and approaches / Mary M. Veeneman

BR331 .E5 2016
The Catholic Luther : his early writings / introduced and edited by Philip D.W. Krey and Peter D.S. Krey

BR332 .S6 L88 2016
The freedom of a Christian, 1520 / Timothy J. Wengert

BR333.3 .T7 2016
Martin Luther and the called life / Mark D. Tranvik

BR516 .M75 2017
Father of liberty : Jonathan Mayhew and the principles of the American Revolution / J. Patrick Mullins

BR526 .B385 2017
Barna trends 2018 : what's new and what's next at the intersection of faith and culture

BS491.2 .S6 V.43 SUPPL.
The Lord's Prayer / Nijay K. Gupta

BS491.2 .S6 V.43
The Lord's Prayer / Nijay K. Gupta

BS500 .L48 2018
Introducing medieval biblical interpretation : the senses of scripture in premodern exegesis / Ian Christopher Levy

BS511.3 .M63 2018
The Bible in a disenchanted age : the enduring possibility of Christian faith / R.W.L. Moberly

BS647.3 .C43 2015
Interpreting the prophets : reading, understanding and preaching from the worlds of the prophets / Aaron Chalmers

BS680 .M57 B78 2016
Money and possessions / Walter Brueggemann

BS680 .S53 Q847 2016
The quest for gender equity in leadership : Biblical teachings on gender equity and illustrations of transformation in Africa / edited by KeumJu Jewel Hyun and Diphus C. Chemorion ; foreword by Joseph D. Galgalo

BS1199 .P68 P739 2015
Praying with ancient Israel : exploring the theology of prayer in the Old Testament / edited by Phillip G. Camp and Tremper Longman III

BS1199 .W7 Y65 2017
Meet me at the well : the girls and women of the Bible / Jane Yolen and Barbara Diamond Goldin ; illustrated by Vali Mintzi

BS1700 .D44 2018
Introducing the Apocrypha : message, context, and significance / David A. deSilva ; foreword by James H. Charlesworth

BS2320 .N54 2018
A concise guide to reading the New Testament : a canonical introduction / David R. Nienhuis

BS2361.3 .B383 2017
The Christian World around the New Testament / Richard Bauckham

BS2575.52 .W66 2016
Journeying with Matthew : reflections on the gospel / James Woodward, Paula Gooder, and Mark Pryce

BS2665.52 .W553 2015
Christ died for our sins : representation and substitution in Romans and their Jewish martyrological background / Jarvis J. Williams

BS2665.53 .H345 2017
Romans / Scott W. Hahn

BT83.55 .L366 2015
Recognizing other subjects : feminist pastoral theology and the challenge of identity / Katharine E. Lassiter

BT83.57 .G85313 2015
On the side of the poor : the theology of liberation / Gustavo Guti‚errez and Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig MŤuller ; translated by Robert A. Krieg and James B. Nickoloff

BT121.3 .K37 2018
Pneumatology : the Holy Spirit in ecumenical, international, and contextual perspective / Veli-Matti KŤarkkŤainen

BT205 .F36 2018
Jesus the Lord according to Paul the Apostle : a concise introduction / Gordon D. Fee ; foreword by Cherith Fee Nordling

BT482 .S26 2016
Stumbling over the cross : preaching the cross and resurrection today / Joni S. Sancken ; foreword by Paul Scott Wilson

BT590 .L3 G64 2015
Did Jesus speak Greek? : the emerging evidence of Greek dominance in first-century Palestine / by G. Scott Gleaves ; foreword by Rodney Eugene Cloud

BT795 .J28 2016
The face of forgiveness : a pastoral theology of shame and redemption / Philip D. Jamieson

BT821.3 .P84 2016
The homebrewed Christianity guide to the end times : theology after you've been left behind / Jeffrey C. Pugh, author ; Tripp Fuller, series editor

BT990 .R39 2015
The faith for beginners : understanding the Creeds / Stephen K. Ray, R. Dennis Walters

BT993 .A18
Creed of our hope

BV111.3 .S96 2018
Subversive Sabbath : the surprising power of rest in a nonstop world / A.J. Swoboda

BV210.3 .F67 2015
Contemplative prayer : a new framework / Dom David Foster

BV230 .G79 2017 SUPPL.
The Lord's Prayer / Nijay K. Gupta

BV230 .G79 2017
The Lord's Prayer / Nijay K. Gupta

BV598 .U53 2016
Understandings of the church / Everett Ferguson, volume editor ; George Kalantzis, series editor

BV600.3 .A44 2018
All things hold together in Christ : a conversation on faith, science, and virtue / edited by James K.A. Smith and Michael L. Gulker

BV600.3 .A76 2015
The new adapters : shaping ideas to fit your congregation / Jacob Armstrong, with Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter

BV600.3 .D25 2015
Convergent model of renewal : remixing the Quaker tradition in a participatory culture / C. Wess Daniels ; foreword by Ben Pink Dandelion

BV600.3 .P69 2015
Not safe for church : ten commandments for reaching new generations / F. Douglas Powe Jr. & Jasmine Rose Smothers

BV600.3 .W36 2015
Why the church? / Robert W. Wall ; edited by Joel B. Green

BV652.5 .O25 2015
The nones are alright : a new generation of believers, seekers, and those in between / Kaya Oakes

BV664 .H384 2015
Called to be a pastor : why it matters to both congregations and clergy / Larry Hauder ; foreword by Arthur Paul Boers

BV1471.3 .B374 2015
Religious education : educating for diversity / L. Philip Barnes and Andrew Davis ; edited by J. Mark Halstead

BV3770 .H38 2017
The mystic way of evangelism : a contemplative vision for Christian outreach / Elaine A. Heath

BV4011.5 .T778 2017
Ethics for Christian ministry : moral formation for twenty-first-century leaders / Joe E. Trull and R. Robert Creech

BV4011.5 .W444 2017
Sustaining ministry : foundations and practices for serving faithfully / Sondra Wheeler

BV4211.3 .A5355 2017
Integrative preaching : a comprehensive model for transformational proclamation / Kenton C. Anderson

BV4211.3 .C378 2015
Uncommon preaching : an alternative to the lectionary / Susan E. Cartmell

BV4222 .Q48 2016
Questions preachers ask : essays in honor of Thomas G. Long / edited by Scott Black Johnston, Ted A. Smith, Leonora Tubbs Tisdale

BV4461.3 .M66 2015
Engraved upon the heart : children, the cognitively challenged, and liturgy's influence on faith formation / Hwarang Moon

BV4501.3 .G89 2016
How Jesus saves the world from us : 12 antidotes to toxic Christianity / Morgan Guyton

BV4511 .H69 2018
A guide to Christian spiritual formation : how scripture, spirit, community, and mission shape our souls / Evan B. Howard

BV4511 .M65 2017
Intercultural discipleship : learning from global approaches to spiritual formation / W. Jay Moon

BV4520 .F65 2015
Gladhearted disciples : equipping your congregation with generous and enduring faith / Chris Folmsbee

BV5031.3 .C63 2015
The new ascetism : sexuality, gender and the quest for God / Sarah Coakley

BV5077 .P4 V36 2018
Embodying the sacred : women mystics in seventeenth-century Lima / Nancy E. van Deusen

BX1378.7 .H45 2015
The preaching of Pope Francis : missionary discipleship and the ministry of the word / Gregory Heille

BX1795 .H82 F73 2016
Care for creation : a call for ecological conversion / Pope Francis ; edited by Giuliano Vigini

BX4705 .D283 J67 2015
Dorothy Day : love in action / Patrick Jordan

BX7748 .T54 M84 2015
Testimony : Quakerism and theological ethics / Rachel Muers

-- D --

D 103.49/3:M 69/4/2017
Aerial photography and maps of the Missouri River : Ponca State Park, Nebraska to St. Louis, Missouri / US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District and Kansas City District

D 114.7/3:C 73/3
Combat operations : staying the course, October 1967 to September 1968 / by Erik B. Villard

D757.85 .W275 2017
The Waffen-SS : a European history / edited by Jochen BŤohler and Robert Gerwarth

DA390.1 .S4 H35 2017
John Selden and the western political tradition / Ofir Haivry

DA506 .B9 J66 2017
Edmund Burke and the invention of modern conservatism, 1830-1914 : an intellectual history / Emily Jones

DG499 .U5 K67 2017
America in Italy : the United States in the political thought and imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763-1865 / Axel KŤorner

DJK51 .G495 2017
Red hangover : legacies of twentieth-century communism / Kristen Ghodsee

DK265 .M3745 2017
The Russian Revolution : a new history / Sean McMeekin

DK510.763 .G48 2017
The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia / Masha Gessen

DS98.6 .D36 2017
Destroying a nation : the civil war in Syria / Nikolaos van Dam

DS371.412 .C64 2018
Directorate S : the C.I.A. and America's secret wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan / Steve Coll

DS122 .S423 1972
The literature of the Jewish people in the time of Jesus / Emil SchŤurer ; ed. with an introd. by Nahum N. Glatzer

The new recruits / a production of Ironbound Films, Inc. ; produced and directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy Newberger ; writer Daniel A. Miller

-- E --

E98 .C73 D83 2017
Network sovereignty : building the Internet across Indian Country / Marisa Elena Duarte

E183.8 .I55 C65 2017
Democracy and the nature of American influence in Iran, 1941-1979 / David R. Collier

E184 .M5 C438 2017
Sounds of crossing : music, migration, and the aural poetics of Huapango Arribešno / Alex E. Ch‚avez

E185.61 .E525 2017
True south : Henry Hampton and Eyes on the prize, the landmark television series that reframed the civil rights movement / Jon Else

E185.615 .D664 2015
Stand your ground : black bodies and the justice of God / Kelly Brown Douglas

E185.625 .M684 2017
Black and blur / Fred Moten

E207 S9 A55 1968
The military services and public life of Major-General John Sullivan of the American Revolutionary Army / by Thomas C. Amory

E302.6 .H5 K86 2017
Patrick Henry : champion of liberty / Jon Kukla

E449 .D75 B65 2017
Facing Frederick : the life of Frederick Douglass, a monumental American man / Tonya Bolden

E470.3 .A94 2017
The thin light of freedom : the Civil War and emancipation in the heart of America / Edward L. Ayers

E897 .T47 2017
Attachments to war : biomedical logics and violence in twenty-first-century America / Jennifer Terry

-- F --

F868 .S25 B47 2017
Troublemakers : Silicon Valley's coming of age / Leslie Berlin

F1788 .T355 2015
Reporting the Cuban Revolution : how Castro manipulated American journalists / Leonard Ray Teel ; foreword by Patrick Washburn

F2210 .G66 2017
The extractive zone : social ecologies and decolonial perspectives / Macarena G‚omez-Barris

-- G --

GN345 .U545 2017
Unfinished : the anthropology of becoming / Jošao Biehl and Peter Locke, editors

GN395 .H644 2017
Monrovia modern : urban form and political imagination in Liberia / Danny Hoffman

GR111 .A47 A55 2018
The annotated African American folktales / edited with a foreword, introduction, and notes by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Maria Tatar

GV691 .P4 S65 2016
Wounded lions : Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and the crises in Penn State athletics / Ronald A. Smith

GV706.3 .S74 2016
Sportsmanship : multidisciplinary perspectives / edited by Tim Delaney

GV721.5 .B675 2016
Power games : a political history of the Olympics / Jules Boykoff

GV867.3 .K46 2016
Ahead of the curve : inside the baseball revolution / Brian Kenny

GV884 .A24 A3 2017
Becoming Kareem : growing up on and off the court / by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld

-- H --

HB171.5 .E33776 2017 V.1
Economics : the definitive encyclopedia from theory to practice / David A. Dieterle, editor

HB171.5 .E33776 2017 V.2
Economics : the definitive encyclopedia from theory to practice / David A. Dieterle, editor

HB171.5 .E33776 2017 V.3
Economics : the definitive encyclopedia from theory to practice / David A. Dieterle, editor

HB171.5 .E33776 2017 V.4
Economics : the definitive encyclopedia from theory to practice / David A. Dieterle, editor

HB615 .S367 2018
Burn the business plan : what great entrepreneurs really do / Carl J. Schramm

HB861 .E82 2018
An essay on the principle of population : influences on Malthus, selections from Malthus's work, economics, population, and ethics after Malthus, Malthus and global challenges, Malthusianism in fiction / Thomas Robert Malthus ; edited by Joyce E. Chaplin

HB3743 .N37 2017
A history of the United States in five crashes : stock market meltdowns that defined a nation / Scott Nations

HC21 .S265 2017
Human scale revisited : a new look at the classic case for a decentralist future / Kirkpatrick Sale

HC79 .T4 S3379 2017
The fourth industrial revolution / Klaus Schwab

HC103 .S728 2017
Americana : a 400-year history of American capitalism / Bhu Srinivasan

HC110 .C3 K76 2017
Conservatives against capitalism : from the Industrial Revolution to globalization / Peter Kolozi

HD60 .Y863 2017
A world of three zeros : the new economics of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions / Muhammad Yunus, with Karl Weber

HD82 .H4393 2018
The divide : global inequality from conquest to free markets / Jason Hickel

HD6072.2 .U52 L674 2017
Domestic economies : women, work, and the American Dream in Los Angeles / Susanna Rosenbaum

HD9198 .S6 I94 2017
Steeped in heritage : the racial politics of South African rooibos tea / Sarah Ives

HD9321.5 .R83 2017B
Grocery : the buying and selling of food in America / Michael Ruhlman

HD9502 .U53 W856 2017
Behind the carbon curtain : the energy industry, political censorship, and free speech / Jeffrey A. Lockwood ; foreword by Brianna Jones

HE5620 .R53 L37 2017
Wild ride : inside Uber's quest for world domination / Adam Lashinsky

HF5473 .A72 L6515 2017
Neoliberalism from below : popular pragmatics and baroque economies / Ver‚onica Gago ; translated by Liz Mason-Deese

HG179 .A69 2017
Dollars and sense : how we misthink money and how to spend smarter / Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler ; with illustrations by Matt Trower

HG4551 .H425 2017
A first-class catastrophe : the road to Black Monday, the worst day in Wall Street history / Diana B. Henriques

HG6024 .A3 L57 2017
The social life of financial derivatives : markets, risk, and time / Edward LiPuma

HM742 .M385 2015
Navigating new media networks : understanding and managing communication challenges in a networked society / Breanna McEwan

HM742 .S54 2015
Social media : principles and applications / Pavica Sheldon

HM851 .A853 2017
Asian video cultures : in the penumbra of the global / Joshua Neves and Bhaskar Sarkar, editors

HM1261 .K63 2017
Forged in crisis : the power of courageous leadership in turbulent times / Nancy Koehn

HN59.2 .G743 2017
Saving the security state : exceptional citizens in twenty-first-century America / Inderpal Grewal

HQ76.25 .P83 2017
Terrorist assemblages : homonationalism in queer times / Jasbir K. Puar ; with a new foreword by Tavia Nyong'om ; and a postscript by the author

HT148 .T34 C355 2017
Street archives and city life : popular intellectuals in postcolonial Tanzania / Emily Callaci

HT690 .U6 A465 2017 V.1
The American middle class : an economic encyclopedia of progress and poverty / Robert S. Rycroft, editor

HT690 .U6 A465 2017 V.2
The American middle class : an economic encyclopedia of progress and poverty / Robert S. Rycroft, editor

HT1031 .A83 2017
Tropical freedom : climate, settler colonialism, and Black exclusion in the age of emancipation / Ikuko Asaka

HV600 2011.T64 K37 2018
The Fukushima and Tohoku disaster : a review of the five-year reconstruction efforts / Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University

HV1568 .S63 2016
Disability, society, and the individual / Julie Smart

HV1568.2 .P83 2017
The right to maim : debility, capacity, disability / Jasbir K. Puar

HV8657 .H65 2017
Decades behind bars : a 20-year conversation with men in America's prisons / Gaye D. Holman

HV9950 .H395 2018
Policing Black bodies : how Black lives are surveilled and how to work for change / Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith

-- I --

I 29.2:AL 2/4
Aleutian World War II National Historic Area calendar compendium : selections from the years 2010 to 2016 / Francis Broderick

I 29.2:Y 3/18/2017
Yellowstone National Park trip planner

-- J --

JA84 .U6 W47 2017
The political theory of the American founding : natural rights, public policy, and the moral conditions of freedom / Thomas G. West

JC75 .O43 S56 2017
Classical Greek oligarchy : a political history / Matthew Simonton

JC143 .M4 Z935 2017
Machiavelli's politics / Catherine H. Zuckert

JC156 .A5 H84 1999
Early modern concepts for a late modern world : Althusius on community and federalism / by Thomas O. Hueglin

JC181 .K4 M65 2017
Kant's international relations : the political theology of perpetual peace / Se‚an Molloy

JC311 .K736 2017
Rebel power : why national movements compete, fight, and win / Peter Krause

JC421 .P7645 2017
Promise and peril : republics and republicanism in the history of political philosophy / edited by Will R. Jordan

JC423 .D2774 2017
Democracy to come : politics as relational praxis / Fred Dallmayr

JC423 .G63354 2017
The road to somewhere : the populist revolt and the future of politics / David Goodhart

JC478 .B43 2003
Guild & state : European political thought from the twelfth century to the present / Antony Black ; with a new preface, introduction and conclusion by the author

JC573 .G67 2017
Revisions and dissents : essays / Paul E. Gottfried

JC574 .D473 2018
Why Liberalism Failed / Patrick J. Deneen ; foreword by James Davison Hunter and John M. Owen IV

JC585 .M59 2016
The politics of virtue : post-liberalism and the human future / John Milbank and Adrian Pabst

JK468 .I6 G625 2017
Spy schools : how the CIA, FBI, and foreign intelligence secretly exploit America's universities / Daniel Golden

JK2387 .P76 2017
Progressive challenges to the American constitution : a new republic / edited by Bradley C.S. Watson

JN2325 .H6714 2010
Francogallia / by Franūcois Hotman ; Latin text by Ralph E. Giesey ; translated by J.H.M. Salmon

JQ1850 .A38 C584 2017
Guardians of the Arab state : when militaries intervene in politics, from Iraq to Mauritania / Florence Gaub

JV6035 .O74 2017
The cultural defense of nations : a liberal theory of majority rights

JZ1254 .K56 2017
The darkening web : the war for cyberspace / Alexander Klimburg

JZ1308 .C43 2017
Toward Kantian cosmopolitanism / Lorena Cebolla Sanahuja

-- K --

K290 .S28 2012
Reading law : the interpretation of legal texts / Antonin Scalia & Bryan A. Garner

K3241 .M67 2017
The universal declaration of human rights and the challenge of religion / Johannes Morsink

K3254 .T87 2017
Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment / Mark V. Tushnet, Alan K. Chen, and Joseph Blocher

KD600 .G5513 2002
The treatise on the laws and customs of the realm of England commonly called Glanvill / edited with introduction, notes, and translation by G.D.G. Hall ; with a guide to further reading by M.T. Clanchy

KD4193 .E27 2017
Early common petitions in the English Parliament, c. 1290-c. 1420 / edited by W. Mark Ormrod, Helen Killick, and Phil Bradford

KF213 .S32 S32 2017
Scalia speaks : reflections on law, faith, and life well lived / Antonin Scalia ; edited by Christopher J. Scalia and Edward Whelan

KF363 .H3 B76 2017
Alexander Hamilton and the development of American law / Kate Elizabeth Brown

KF1386 .C58 W56 2018
We the corporations : how American businesses won their civil rights / Adam Winkler

KF4550 .B743 2017
The American constitutional tradition : colonial charters, covenants, and revolutionary state constitutions, 1578-1780 / H. Lowell Brown

KF4749 .S58 2017
The crisis of the middle class constitution : why economic inequality threatens our Republic / Ganesh Sitaraman

KF5053 .F59 2017
Supreme Court expansion of presidential power : unconstitutional leanings / Louis Fisher

KF5060 .A954 2017
Permanent state of emergency : unchecked executive power and the demise of the rule of law / Ryan Alford

KF9320 .K57 2017
Domestic abuse, child custody, and visitation : winning in family court / Toby G. Kleinman and Daniel Pollack

KZA1348 .P46 2017
Locke's political thought and the oceans : pirates, slaves, and sailors / Sarah Pemberton

-- L --

LB1042 .E63 2017
Engaging teens with story : how to inspire and educate youth with storytelling / Janice M. Del Negro and Melanie A. Kimball, editors

LB1134 .F65 2018
Unlocking student talent : the new science of developing expertise / Robin J. Fogarty, Gene M. Kerns, Brian M. Pete ; foreword by K. Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

LB1573 .R5688 2017
Engaging readers : supporting all students in knowledge-driven reading, grades 4-8 / Dana A. Robertson, Evelyn Ford-Connors, and Susan Dougherty

LB2331 .W39 2013
Learner-centered teaching : five key changes to practice / Maryellen Weimer

LB2844.1 .N4 F55 2014
The first year of teaching : classroom research to increase student learning / edited by Jabari Mahiri

LB3051 .M4654 2017
Beyond testing : seven assessments of students and schools more effective than standardized tests / Deborah Meier, Matthew Knoester

LB3465 .D56 2018
Amanda's fire drill : a book about fire safety / by Kerry Dinmont

LC1201 .N37 2017
Teaching for inclusion : eight principles for effective and equitable practice / Srikala Naraian ; foreword by Dianne L. Ferguson

LC3013 .M395 2010 SUPPL.
Practical ideas that really work for students with disruptive, defiant, or difficult behaviors : preschool through grade 4 / Kathleen McConnell, Gail R. Ryser, James R. Patton

LC3013 .M395 2010
Practical ideas that really work for students with disruptive, defiant, or difficult behaviors : preschool through grade 4 / Kathleen McConnell, Gail R. Ryser, James R. Patton

LC3981 .E937 2018
Exceptional children in today's schools : what teachers need to know / Yvonne N. Bui and Edward L. Meyen

LC3993 .M293 2005
Teaching models in education of the gifted / C. June Maker, Shirley W. Shiever

LC4713.2 .M33 2005
Practical ideas that really work for students with ADHD. Grade 5 through grade 12 / Kathleen McConnell, Gail R. Ryser

LC4801 .M395 2010 SUPPL.
Practical ideas that really work for students with disruptive, defiant, or difficult behaviors : grade 5 through grade 12 / Kathleen McConnell, Gail R. Ryser, James R. Patton

LC4801 .M395 2010
Practical ideas that really work for students with disruptive, defiant, or difficult behaviors : grade 5 through grade 12 / Kathleen McConnell, Gail R. Ryser, James R. Patton

-- M --

M2130 .P8 1990
Presbyterian hymnal (1990)

ML3918 .R63 K73 2017
The republic of rock : music and citizenship in the sixties counterculture / Michael J. Kramer

-- N --

N6502.6 .C66 2017
Collective situations : readings in contemporary Latin American art, 1995-2010 / Bill Kelley Jr. and Grant Kester, editors

ND588 .R48 R335 2017
Unconsolable contemporary : observing Gerhard Richter / Paul Rabinow

NX180 .I57 C64 2017
Never alone, except for now : art, networks, populations / Kris Cohen

-- P --

P92 .C5 R825 2015
Routledge handbook of Chinese media / edited by Gary D. Rawnsley and Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley

P116 .E73 2017
How language began : the story of humanity's greatest invention / Daniel L. Everett

PN51 .P79 2017
Written World : the power of stories to shape people, history, civilization

PN56 .F46 C75 2018
Critical approaches to literature. Feminist / editor, Robert C. Evans, Auburn University at Montgomery

PN56 .P555 S55 2018
Unthinking mastery : dehumanism and decolonial entanglements / Julietta Singh

PN56 .S475 S385 2018
The biopolitics of feeling : race, sex, and science in the nineteenth century / Kyla Schuller

PN671 .W63 2018
Words that tear the flesh : essays on sarcasm in medieval and early modern literature and cultures / edited by Alan Baragona and Elizabeth L. Rambo

PN1992.55 .T46 2015
Television, social media, and fan culture / edited by Alison F. Slade, Amber J. Narro, and Dedria Givens-Carroll

PN1992.6 .P473 2016
Public interests : media advocacy and struggles over U.S. television / Allison Perlman

PN1992.8 .M38 W75 2016
Men with stakes : masculinity and the gothic in US television / Julia M. Wright

PN1995.9 .V46 F55 2015
Films and games : interactions / edited by Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e.V. / Deutsches Filmmuseum

PN2287 .S377 A3 2017
This is just my face : try not to stare / Gabourey Sidibe

PN4129.15 .B47 2010
Confessions of a public speaker / Scott Berkun

PN6714 .N53 2017
The spectacular sisterhood of superwomen : awesome female characters from comic book history / Hope Nicholson

PQ2099 .P43 2005
Voltaire almighty : a life in pursuit of freedom / Roger Pearson

PQ2603 .E362 Z855 2008
Simone de Beauvoir : the making of an intellectual woman / Toril Moi

PQ3949 .C44 C3413 2017
Journal of a homecoming = Cahier d'un retour au pays natal / Aim‚e C‚esaire ; translated by N. Gregson Davis ; introduction, commentary, and notes by F. Abiola Irele

PQ4865 .C6 Z648 2006
Socially symbolic acts : the historicizing fictions of Umberto Eco, Vincenzo Consolo, and Antonio Tabucchi / Joseph Francese

PQ7797 .B635 Z79 1974
Prose for Borges. Edited by Charles Newman & Mary Kinzie. Consulting editor, Norman Thomas di Giovanni

PQ8520.17 .A4 A2 2017
Hunter of stories / Eduardo Galeano ; translated by Mark Fried

PR2827 .A2 I6 2018
A midsummer night's dream : an authoritative text, sources, criticism, adaptations / William Shakespeare ; edited by Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading

PR3039 .M37 2015
Shakespeare and ecology / Randall Martin

PR3095 .D88 2016
Shakespeare, court dramatist / Richard Dutton

PR3587.3 .O94 2009
The Oxford handbook of Milton / edited by Nicholas McDowell and Nigel Smith

PR3732 .S43 J86 2015
James Thomson's The Seasons, print culture, and visual interpretation, 1730-1842 / Sandro Jung

PR4034 .P43 D38 2016
Liberty in Jane Austen's Persuasion / Kathryn E. Davis

PR9499.3 .R59 M56 2017
The ministry of utmost happiness / Arundhati Roy

PS668.2 .R47 2017
Representative American speeches, 2016-2017 / [compiled by] H.W. Wilson, a division of EBSCO Information Services

PS2116 .P6 2018
The portrait of a lady : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism / Henry James ; edited by Michael Gorra

PS2954 .U5 2018
Uncle Tom's cabin : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism / Harriet Beecher Stowe ; edited by Elizabeth Ammons

PS3545 .H16 H68 2018
The house of mirth : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism / Edith Wharton ; edited by Elizabeth Ammons

PS3556 .R3338 S36 2017
Same beach, next year : a novel / Dorothea Benton Frank

PS3573 .R5358 Z55 2017
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A tangled mercy : a novel / Joy Jordan-Lake

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Marriage of a thousand lies / SJ Sindu

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Love, hate & other filters / Samira Ahmed

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Losing Brave / Bailee Madison & Stefne Miller

-- Q --

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Competing with the Soviets : science, technology, and the state in Cold War America / Audra J. Wolfe

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-- R --

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Euthanasia, suicide, and despair : can the Bible help? : guidance when faced with ethical dilemmas / Michael J. Lowis ; foreword by Albert Jewell

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-- T --

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50 inventions that shaped the modern economy / Tim Harford

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Technician's formulation handbook for industrial and household cleaning products / Henry J. Hannan

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The Airbnb story : how three ordinary guys disrupted an industry, made billions ... and created plenty of controversy / Leigh Gallagher

-- U --

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Grateful nation : student veterans and the rise of the military-friendly campus / Ellen Moore

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Life in the age of drone warfare / Lisa Parks and Caren Kaplan, editors

-- Y --

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Gagging the lawyers : China's crackdown on human rights lawyers and implications for U.S.-China relations : hearing before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, One Hundred Fifteenth Congress, first session, June 28, 2017

-- Z --

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