New Books in January 2017

Books acquired by the libraries in January 2017 are listed below. The books are listed in the order of their call numbers.

-- A --

The body / Stephen King

-- B --

BF692 .R87 2015
The age of scientific sexism : how evolutionary psychology promotes gender profiling and fans the battle of the sexes / Mari Ruti

BJ1012 .C73 2016
Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought / Alice Crary

BJ1251 .S8132 2016
Kingdom ethics : following Jesus in contemporary context / David P. Gushee & Glen H. Stassen

BJ1278 .C66 E73 2016
The soul of doubt : the religious roots of unbelief from Luther to Marx / Dominic Erdozain

BL65 .B63 D573 2016
Disability and world religions : an introduction / Darla Y. Schumm and Michael Stoltzfus, editors

BP109 2008 SUPPL.1
The holy Quran : Arabic text, English translation / as explained by Allamah Nooruddin ; rendered into English by Amatul Rahman Omar, Abdul Mannan Omar

BP109 2008 SUPPL.2
The holy Quran : Arabic text, English translation / as explained by Allamah Nooruddin ; rendered into English by Amatul Rahman Omar, Abdul Mannan Omar

BP109 2008
The holy Quran : Arabic text, English translation / as explained by Allamah Nooruddin ; rendered into English by Amatul Rahman Omar, Abdul Mannan Omar

BP188.16 .H67 S53 2015
Hospitality and Islam : welcoming in God's name / Mona Siddiqui

BR115 .C67 S53 2016
The Christian wallet : spending, giving, and living with a conscience / Mike Slaughter ; with Karen Perry Smith

BR115 .C8 W7613 2016 V.1
Intercultural theology / Henning Wrogemann ; translated by Karl E. Bohmer

BR115 .I7 T46 2015
For God and globe : Christian internationalism in the United States between the Great War and the Cold War / Michael G. Thompson

BR305.3 .E37 2016
Reformations : the early modern world, 1450-1650 / Carlos M.N. Eire

BR535 .F59 2016
Southern religion and Christian diversity in the twentieth century / Wayne Flynt ; foreword by Charles A. Israel and John M. Giggie

BR563 .N4 S559 2016
Lynched : the power of memory in a culture of terror / Angela D. Sims

BR856 .L88 2010
When a nation forgets God : 7 lessons we must learn from Nazi Germany / Erwin W. Lutzer

BR1608 .M628 M37 2015
Christian persecutions in the Middle East : a 21st century tragedy / George J. Marlin

BR1642 .U5 B342 2016
Evangelicalism in America / Randall Balmer

BS455 .N65 2016
In the beginning was the word : the Bible in American public life, 1492-1783 / Mark A. Noll

BS480 .E53 2016
The enduring authority of the Christian scriptures / edited by D.A. Carson

BS680 .G57 R6613 2015
The invention of God / Thomas Romer ; translated by Raymond Geuss

BS1135 .L56 2013
The formation of the Jewish canon / Timothy H. Lim

BS1194 .G635 2015
An introduction to the Old Testament : exploring text, approaches and issues / John Goldingay

BS1405.52 .D63 2015
On biblical poetry / F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp

BS2555.52 .H385 2016
Echoes of Scripture in the gospels / Richard B. Hays

BS2595.53 W6413 2016 V.1
The Gospel according to Luke / Michael Wolter ; translated by Wayne Coppins and Christoph Heilig

BS2625.52 .H66 2017
The Acts of the Apostles through the centuries / Heidi J. Hornik and Mikeal C. Parsons

BS2650.52 .P67 2016
The Apostle Paul : his life, thought, and letters / Stanley E. Porter

BS2675.6 .E815 C66 2014
"When you were gentiles" : specters of ethnicity in Roman Corinth and Paul's Corinthian correspondence / Cavan W. Concannon

BS2795.52 .S65 2016
Strangers to family : diaspora and 1 Peter's invention of God's household / Shively T.J. Smith

BS2825.52 .B646 2016
The Book of Revelation and its interpreters : short studies and an annotated bibliography / edited by Ian Boxall and Richard Tresley

BT78 .S955 2016
Becoming friends of time : disability, timefullness, and gentle discipleship / John Swinton

BT103 .B38 2015
Grounded : finding God in the world--a spiritual revolution / Diana Butler Bass

BT135 .K43 2016
Lord willing? : wrestling with god's role in my child's death

BT212 .R53 2016
Ecce Homo : on the divine unity of Christ / Aaron Riches

BT263 .J64 2016
Patristic and medieval atonement theory : a guide to research / Junius Johnson

BT304.918 .D4 2015
The politics of Jesus : a hispanic political theology / Miguel A. De La Torre

BT701.3 .R33 2016
A time to keep : theology, mortality, and the shape of a human life / Ephraim Radner

BT741.3 .S5413 2016
Heavenly bodies : incarnation, the gaze, and embodiment in Christian theology / Ola Sigurdson ; translated by Carl Olsen

BV199 .F8 S36 2015
Approaching the end of life : a practical and spiritual guide / Donna Schaper

BV349 .P73 2016
Praise y adoracion : a bilingual hymnal : un himnario bilingue / Benjamin Alicea-Lugo, PhD. & Irma Cuevas Alicea, LCSW

BV600.3 .H54 2016
GlobalChurch : reshaping our conversations, renewing our mission, revitalizing our churches / Graham Hill ; foreword by Scot McKnight

BV600.3 .S735 2016
Becoming a blessed church : forming a church of spiritual purpose, presence, and power / N. Graham Standish ; foreword by E. Stanley Ott

BV637.9 .B73 2016
ChurchScape : megachurches and the iconography of environment / Susan Power Bratton

BV650.3 .H68 2016
Governance and ministry : rethinking board leadership / Dan Hotchkiss

BV652.3 .B73 2016
Memories, hopes, and conversations : Appreciative Inquiry, Missional Engagement, and Congregational Change / Mark Lau Branson

BV3210 .L4 T74 2016
Evangelizing Lebanon : Baptists, missions, and the question of cultures / Melanie Trexler

BV3785 .U7 R63 2016
Preacher girl : Uldine Utley and the industry of revival / Thomas A. Robinson

BV4011.3 .L55 2016
Varieties of gifts : multiplicity and the well-lived pastoral life / Cynthia G. Lindner

BV4011.3 .W55 2016
Pastor : the theology and practice of ordained ministry / William H. Willimon

BV4208 .U6 G55 2016
A pursued justice : Black preaching from the great migration to civil rights / Kenyatta R. Gilbert

BV4740 .B47 2009
The echo within : finding your true calling / Robert Benson

BV5095 .E3 F7313 2015
Meister Eckhart : philosopher of Christianity / Kurt Flasch ; translated by Anne Schindel and Aaron Vanides

BX2347.8 .P66 C35 2013
Earthly mission : the Catholic Church and world development / Robert Calderisi

BX8643 .J4 T87 2016
The Mormon Jesus : a biography / John G. Turner

BX9225 .W4 K48 2014
George Whitefield : America's spiritual founding father / Thomas S. Kidd

BX9422.5 .H37 2013
Calvinism : a history / D.G. Hart

BX9531 .N5 C7413 2009
Liber A : 1628-1700 of the Collegiate Churches of New York / edited and translated by Francis J. Sypher, Jr

-- D --

D 114.2:Q 2/7
Art of Quarters One / Michael R. Rouland, Mason T. Farr, general editors

D 114.2:V 67/6
Taking the offensive, October 1966-September 1967 / by Glenn F. Williams

D 214.34:P 58/CD
Picture studies (2016)

D 301.26/6:L 46/3
On the leadership journey : 30 conversations about leading yourself and others / Jose A. LugoSantiago

D805 .G3 M4297 2015
Hell before their very eyes : American soldiers liberate concentration camps in Germany, April 1945 / John C. McManus

DA334 .C9 E94 2015
The rise of Thomas Cromwell : power and politics in the reign of Henry VIII / Michael Everett

DP170 .O43 2015
Forging the past : invented histories in Counter-Reformation Spain / Katrina B. Olds

DS113.8 .S4 R63 2015
The Mizrahi era of rebellion : Israel's forgotten civil rights struggle, 1948-1966 / Bryan K. Roby

DS556 .W59 1996
Why Vietnam still matters : the war and the wall / compiled by Jan Craig Scruggs

DS558 .A56 2015
American reckoning : the Vietnam War and our national identity / Christian G. Appy

DT507 .H36 2015
The political economy of the interior Gold Coast : the Asante and the era of legitimate trading, 1807-1875 / Jarvis L. Hargrove

DT650.4 .B46 N49 2015
Spectacle : the astonishing life of Ota Benga / Pamela Newkirk

Stuck / Samuel Goldwyn Films presents a Globox Media Group production ; executive producer, Craig Juntunen ; produced and written by Jennifer Latham ; directed by Thaddaeus Scheel

Michael Farris presents constitutional literacy / Michael Farris

Oyler : one school, one year / a documentary film produced and directed by Amy Scott in association with American Public Media's Marketplace ; edited by Patrick Wright ; cinematography by Glenn Hartong, Stacy Doose

DVD 2306 V.1 DOCU
The complete Churchill

DVD 2306 V.2 DOCU
The complete Churchill

DVD 2306 V.3 DOCU
The complete Churchill

DVD 2306 V.4 DOCU
The complete Churchill

-- E --

E169.1 .P924 2016
Why liberals win the culture wars (even when they lose elections) : the battles that define America from Jefferson's heresies to gay marriage / Stephen Prothero

E183.8 .I55 B423 2014
Becoming enemies : U.S.-Iran relations and the Iran-Iraq War, 1979-1988 / James G. Blight, janet M. Lang, Hussein Banai, Malcolm Byrne, and John Tirman ; foreword by Bruce Riedel

E184 .M88 H87 2016
Muslims and the making of America / Amir Hussain

E185.61 .L84 2014
Historical dictionary of the civil rights movement / Christopher M. Richardson and Ralph E. Luker

E185.96 .B569 2017
Pathfinders : the journeys of 16 extraordinary Black souls / Tonya Bolden

E269 .N3 R625 2016
A spy called James : the true story of James Lafayette, Revolutionary War double agent / Anne Rockwell ; illustrated by Floyd Cooper

E269 .N3 W64 2016
Answering the cry for freedom : stories of African Americans and the American Revolution / Gretchen Woelfle ; illustrations by R. Gregory Christie

E302.6 .B91 O66 2016
The remarkable rise of Eliza Jumel : a story of marriage and money in the early republic / Margaret A. Oppenheimer

E457.2 .A543 2015
Lincoln and Shakespeare / Michael Anderegg

E744 .F74 2015
Historical Dictionary of U.S. Diplomacy during the Cold War / Martin Folly

E807 .H323 2015
Man of destiny : FDR and the making of the American century / Alonzo L. Hamby

E846 .W66 2016
Prisoners of hope : Lyndon B. Johnson, the Great Society, and the limits of liberalism / Randall B. Woods

E855 .N425 2015
Richard Nixon and Europe : the Reshaping of the Postwar Atlantic World / Luke A. Nichter, Texas A & M University-Central Texas

E876 .R423 2015
Reagan's legacy in a world transformed / edited by Jeffrey L. Chidester and Paul Kengor

E881 .B46 2009
A century turns : new hopes, new fears / William J. Bennett

ED 1.2:W 93/3/2017
Writing framework for the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress / National Assessment Governing Board

-- F --

F220 .G7 O39 2006
"Demetrios is now Jimmy" : Greek immigrants in the southern United States, 1895-1965 / by Lazar "Larry" Odzak

F1415 .L375 2003
Latin American and Caribbean foreign policy / edited by Frank O. Mora and Jeanne A.K. Hey

F2191 .B55 D84 2016
Building a nation : Caribbean federation in the black diaspora / Eric D. Duke

FT 1.2:ID 2/10
Identity theft: a recovery plan / Federal Trade Commission

-- G --

GE170 .T35 2016
Taking sides : Clashing views on environmental issues, 16/e expanded / [edited by] Thomas A. Easton

GT605 .H57 2015
Dressing for the culture wars : style and the politics of self-presentation in the 1960s and 1970s / Betty Luther Hillman

GV351 .A74 2015
The athletic experience at historically Black colleges and universities : past, present, and persistence / edited by Billy Hawkins, Joseph Cooper, Akilah Carter-Francique, J. Kenyatta Cavil

GV697 .O63 K43 2016
An Olympic dream : the story of Samia Yusuf Omar / by Reinhard Kleist

GV706 .M38 2016
Sport philosophy now : the culture of sports after the Lance Armstrong scandal / Matthew James McNees

GV706.4 .A568 2016
In praise of failure : the value of overcoming mistakes in sports and in life / Mark H. Anshel

GV706.5 .E567 2016
Fair and foul : beyond the myths and paradoxes of sport / D. Stanley Eitzen

GV709 .S74 2014
Sisterhood in sports : how female athletes collaborate and compete / Joan Steidinger

GV713 .B32 2013
Fundamentals of sport management / Robert E. Baker, Craig Esherick

GV716 .C665 2011
The business of sports : a primer for journalists / Mark Conrad

GV721.5 .R54 2016
Cold war games : propaganda, the Olympics, and U.S. foreign policy / Toby C Rider

GV881 .W47 2016
Fastpitch : the untold history of softball and the women who made the game / Erica Westly

GV1469.3 .G85 2016
Guinness world records. Gamer's edition. 2017

GV1588.3 .B76 A78 2016
The art of movement / Ken Browar and Deborah Ory, NYC Dance Project

-- H --

HC79 .E5 B7598 2011
World on the edge : how to prevent environmental and economic collapse / Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute

HC106.3 .R26 2015
The money makers : how Roosevelt and Keynes ended the Depression, defeated fascism, and secured a prosperous peace / Eric Rauchway

HC106.84 .W66 2011
Rollback : repealing big government before the coming fiscal collapse / Thomas E. Woods, Jr

HD9000.6 .B774 2012
Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity / Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute

HE 20.7129:P 64/CD
Fatigue prevention for pilots : a training program for commercial pilots in Alaska / Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

HN90 .S6 F67 2015
Plutocracy in America : how increasing inequality destroys the middle class and exploits the poor / Ronald P. Formisano

HQ1410 .B69 2016
Women's rights in the United States : a history in documents / Anne M. Boylan

HV741 .M54 2017
Child welfare in the United States : challenges, policy, and practice / Sylvia I. Mignon

HV5089 .M354 2016
The war on alcohol : prohibition and the rise of the American state / Lisa McGirr

HV6046 .G473 2015
Beyond mothers, monsters, whores : thinking about women's violence in global politics / Caron E. Gentry and Laura Sjoberg

HV6431 .H4185 2016
Counterterrorism and the state : Western responses to 9/11 / Dorle Hellmuth

HV6439 .R8 S74 2015
Gangs of Russia : from the streets to the corridors of power / Svetlana Stephenson

HV6627 .G88 2014
The slaughter : mass killings, organ harvesting, and China's secret solution to its dissident problem / Ethan Gutmann

HV9069 .J65 2017
Teen incarceration : from cell bars to ankle bracelets / Patrick Jones

-- I --

I 29.2:AR 2/32
Materials and studies on the archaeology of the northern Far East and adjacent territories / Ruslan S. Vasil'evskii and Alexander I. Lebedintsev ; translated by Richard L. Bland

I 29.2:W 92/2
At work in the Wrangells : a photographic history, 1895-1966 / Katherine J. Ringsmuth

I 29.21:B 85/2/2016
Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

I 29.21:F 31/2016
Federal Hall National Memorial, New York

I 29.21:F 77 S/4/2016
Fort Sumter National Monument, South Carolina

I 29.21:G 29/11/2016
George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Indiana / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

I 29.21:P 18/2016
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park Texas

I 29.21:P 27/2016
Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, New Jersey

I 29.8:C 99/VIGIN.-LEDGES/2016
Ledges area trails, Cuyahoga Valley National Park ; Kendall Lake area trails, Cuyahoga Valley National Park / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I 29.86/4:OC 6
Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Light Station cultural landscape report / Susan Hitchcock

I 49.44/2:N 63/5/2016
Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge / U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

-- J --

JC599 .U5 M85 2016
She stood for freedom : the untold story of a civil rights hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland / Loki Mulholland and Angela Fairwell ; illustrated by Charlotta Janssen

JK468 .I6 J64 2015
A season of inquiry revisited : the Church committee confronts America's spy agencies / Loch K. Johnson

JK468 .I6 T863 2014
Historical dictionary of United States intelligence / Michael A. Turner

Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education / Mychal Denzel Smith

-- K --

KF228 .B76 R83 2016
Brown v. Board of Education : a fight for simple justice / Susan Goldman Rubin

KF228 .L86 B47 2016
Water tossing boulders : how a family of Chinese immigrants led the first fight to desegregate schools in the Jim Crow South / Adrienne Berard

KF245 .B58 2015
The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled by the editors of the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and the Yale Law Journal

KF358 .O5 2016
On secular governance : Lutheran perspectives on contemporary legal issues / edited by Ronald W. Duty and Marie A. Failinger

KIE3560 .D44 2015
The beginning and end of rape : confronting sexual violence in Native America / Sarah Deer

Google cardboard

-- L --

LB1028.24 .E34 2013
Action research in education : a practical guide / Sara Efrat Efron, Ruth Ravid

LB1050.455 .W65 2017
Literacy in the disciplines : a teacher's guide for grades 5-12 / Thomas DeVere Wolsey, Diane Lapp

LB1139.5 .S35 S86 2015
Engaging young engineers : teaching problem solving skills through stem / Angi Stone-MacDonald, Ph. D. Kristen Wendell, Ph. D., Anne Douglass, Ph. D. and Mary Lu Love, M.S., University of Massachusetts Boston

LB1140.5 .L3 M665 2016
Oral language and comprehension in preschool : teaching the essentials / Lesley Mandel Morrow, Kathleen A. Roskos, Linda B. Gambrell ; series editors' note by Linda B. Gambrell and Lesley Mandel Morrow

LB1140.5 .R4 W35 2016
Organizing the early literacy classroom : how to plan for success and reach your goals / Sharon Walpole, Michael C. McKenna

LB1573 .S5475 2016
Still learning to read : teaching students in grades 3-6 / Franki Sibberson, Karen Szymusiak

LB1573.5 .K858 2015
Developing fluent readers : teaching fluency as a foundational skill / Melanie R. Kuhn, Lorell Levy

LB1573.7 .M68 2016
40 strategies for guiding readers through informational texts / Barbara Moss, Virginia S. Loh-Hagan

LB1576 .L4844 2016
Teaching advanced literacy skills : a guide for leaders in linguistically diverse schools / Nonie K. Lesaux, Emily Phillips Galloway, Sky H. Marietta

LB1576 .S4145 2016
Craft moves : lesson sets for teaching writing with mentor texts / Stacey Shubitz, foreword by Lester Laminack

LB1585 .S75 2015
STEM to story : enthralling and effective lesson plans for grades 5-8 / by 826 National ; edited by Jennifer Traig

LB1588 .U6 E83 2016
Health and physical education for elementary classroom teachers : an integrated approach / Retta R. Evans, PhD, MCHES, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Sandra K. Sims, PhD., Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham

LB1631 .O45 2016
Academic vocabulary in middle and high school : effective practices across the disciplines / Donna Ogle, Camille Blachowicz, Peter Fisher, Laura Lang

LC 19.27:D 63
Braille and talking book program for those with a physical disability

LC 19.27:EL 4
Braille and talking book program: eligibility

LC 19.27:M 41
Braille and talking book program: braille materials

LC5148 .C6 W825 2016
Fabricating an educational miracle : compulsory schooling meets ethnic rural development in Southwest China / Jinting Wu

LD571 .B418 S383 2013
Tuesdays with Morrie : an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson / Mitch Albom

-- N --

N7113 .D3 F76 2016
Dali illustrator / Eduard Fornes

NC1765 .B48 2016
How to create animation in 10 easy lessons / William Bishop-Stephens ; illustrations, Joanna Kerr

-- P --

P115 .A48 2016
Advances in understanding multilingualism : a global perspective / Sambor Grucza ; Magdalena Olpinska-Szkielko ; Piotr Romanowski (eds.)

PC4567 .E88 2016
Estudios sobre el lexico : puntos y contrapuntos / Aura Luz Duffe Montalvan (ed.)

PN1991.3 .G4 S286 2015
Cold War on the airwaves : the radio propaganda war against East Germany / Nicholas J. Schlosser

PN1995.5 .R56 2016
Profane parables : film and the American dream / Matthew S. Rindge

PN4129.15 .H36 2015
Speaking well : essential skills for speakers, leaders, and preachers : a pocket guide / Adam Hamilton

PN6112 .S36 2015
The Seagull reader. Plays / edited by Joseph Kelly, College of Charleston

PN6710 .M335 1994
Understanding comics : [the invisible art] / [writing and art, Scott McCloud]

PN6727 .D655 O39 2016
The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan / Bryan Doerries

PN6733.K56 S46 2016
Sense and sensibility / Jane Austen ; art by Po Tse ; story adaptation by Stacy King ; lettering, Morpheus Studios ; lettering assist, Jeannie Lee

PQ4625 .G6 A2 2016
Antonfrancesco Grazzini (Il Lasca), two plays : the friar and the bawd / translated with an introduction by Marino D'Orazio

PR658 .A88 L67 2003
Theatrical convention and audience response in early modern drama / Jeremy Lopez

PR2755 .T29 2016
The new Oxford Shakespeare : the complete works / general editors, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, Gabriel Egan

PR3039 .E45 2015
Shakespeare and ecocritical theory / Gabriel Egan

PR6023 .E926 Z7943 2016
C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity : a biography / George M. Marsden

PREX 28.20:2016/SUM.
Intelligence community legal reference book / Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Office of General Counsel

PS3557 .R489982 A6 2017
One last word : wisdom from the Harlem Renaissance / Nikki Grimes ; artwork by Cozbi Cabrera [and 12 others]

PS3563 .O8749 G63 2015
God help the child / Toni Morrison

PS3602 .A77585 J36 2015B
Jam on the vine : a novel / LaShonda Katrice Barnett

PS3616 .A868 T78 2015
The truth about Awiti / CP Patrick

PT2603 .E46 Z848 2015
The hour that breaks : Gottfried Benn : a biography / Martin Travers

PZ5 .F679 2017
Flying lessons & other stories / edited by Ellen Oh

PZ7 .A1693 CH 2016
Chasing butterflies / Amir Abrams

PZ7 .F59816 YOU 2016
You are not a cat! / Sharon G. Flake ; illustrated by Anna Raff

PZ7 .J64052 ASH 2016
Star Wars Ahsoka / E.K. Johnston

PZ7 .K633528 LAS 2016
Last descendants / by Matthew J. Kirby

PZ7 .M9637 MO 2017
Molly & Pim and the millions of stars / Martine Murray

PZ7 .O46259 FAM 2016
A family is a family is a family / written by Sara O'Leary ; illustrated by Qin Leng

PZ7.1 .C695 HN 2016
How to keep rolling after a fall / Karole Cozzo

PZ7.1 .P358 TH 2016
This is a serious book / by Jodie Parachini ; illustrated by Daniel Rieley

PZ7.1 .S263 JO 2016
The journey / by Francesca Sanna

PZ7.7 .W398 CR 2016
The creepy case files of Margo Maloo / Drew Weing

PZ8.1 .C22784 BAB 2016
Babushka : a Christmas tale / retold by Dawn Casey ; illustrated by Amanda Hall

PZ8.3 .B39185 EV 2016
Even superheroes have bad days / by Shelly Becker ; illustrated by Eda Kaban

PZ8.3.T4545 YO 2016
You and me and the wishing tree / Nancy Tillman

-- Q --

QA27.5 .L44 2016
Hidden figures : the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race / Margot Lee Shetterly

QA99 .E75 2011
Beautiful mathematics / Martin Erickson

QA135.6 .B68 2016
Mathematical mindsets : unleashing students' potential through creative math, inspiring messages, and innovative teaching / Jo Boaler ; foreword by Carol Dweck

QA331.5 .M7897 2015
An invitation to real analysis / Luis F. Moreno

QC981.8.G56 B466 2016
A global warming primer : answering your questions about the science, the consequences, and the solutions / Jeffrey Bennett

QD453.2 .D7 1977
Physical methods in chemistry / Russell S. Drago

QD453.2 .D7 1992
Physical methods for chemists / Russell S. Drago

QH83 .K46 2016
The origin of higher taxa : paleobiological, developmental, and ecological perspectives / T.S. Kemp

-- R --

RA781 .M87 2016
Practical guide to exercise physiology / Bob Murray, PhD, Sports Science Insights, LLC, W. Larry Kenney, PhD, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

RB115 .B83 2017
Step-by-step medical coding / Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CCS-P, Former Program Director, Medical Secretary Programs, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Jackie L. Grass, CPC, Lead Technical Collaborator, Coder III/Reimbursement Specialist, Grand Forks, North Dakota

RC925.7 .U486 2007
Ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system / Stefano Bianchi, Carlo Martinoli [editors] ; with contributions by L.E. Derchi [and others] ; foreword by A.L. Baert ; introduction by I.F. Abdelwahab

RJ216 .H354 2017
Medications and mothers' milk 2017 / Thomas W. Hale, Hilary E. Rowe

RJ506 .B44 F33 2016
Interventions for disruptive behaviors : reducing problems and building skills / Gregory A. Fabiano

RZ325 .U6 H83 2016
A History of Osteopathic Internal Medicine : Celebrating the ACOI's First 75 Years / Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI

RZ337 .C769 2016
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Review for Boards / Wm. Thomas Crow, D.O., FAAO

-- S --

SET 70
Team building : why teams work, why teams don't work / presented by Ben Bissell and LuBen Associates

-- T --

TJ808 .B756 2015
The great transition : shifting from fossil fuels to solar and wind energy / Lester R. Brown with Janet Larsen, J. Matthew Roney, and Emily E. Adams, Earth Policy Institute

TP155 .T69 2013
Chemical engineering design : principles, practice, and economics of plant and process design / Gavin Towler, Ray Sinnott

TS533.2 .H33 2016
The Gunning of America : Business and the Making of American Gun Culture / Pamela Haag

Pearson my world social studies / program consulting authors: Linda Bennett, Jim Cummins, James B. Kracht, Alfred Tatum, Wiliiam E. White

Pearson my world social studies / program consulting authors: Linda Bennett, Jim Cummins, James B. Kracht, Alfred Tatum, Wiliiam E. White

Pearson my world social studies / program consulting authors: Linda Bennett, Jim Cummins, James B. Kracht, Alfred Tatum, Wiliiam E. White

Pearson my world social studies / program consulting authors: Linda Bennett, Jim Cummins, James B. Kracht, Alfred Tatum, Wiliiam E. White

Pearson my world social studies / program consulting authors: Linda Bennett, Jim Cummins, James B. Kracht, Alfred Tatum, Wiliiam E. White

-- U --

U21.2 .S5236 2016
Utilitarianism and the ethics of war / William H. Shaw

U410 .Q1 D62 2015
How to Get Into a Military Service Academy : A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Qualified, Nominated, and Appointed / Michael Singer Dobson

UA647 .H66 2016
British nuclear culture : official and unofficial narratives in the long 20th century / Jonathan Hogg

UB250 .W48 2015
Historical dictionary of international intelligence / Nigel West

UG630 .B48 2016
Air power : a global history / Jeremy Black

-- Y --

Y 4.C 44:T 43/7
The long arm of China : global efforts to silence critics from Tiananmen to today : hearing before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, second session, May 24, 2016

Y 10.32:2017-2026
Options for reducing the deficit : 2017 to 2026

-- Z --

Z675 .U5 R44155 2016
Becoming an embedded librarian : making connections in the classroom / Michelle Reale

Z682.4 .M56 W48 2015
Where are all the librarians of color? : the experiences of people of color in academia / coedited by Rebecca Hankins, CA, MLS and Miguel Juarez, MLS, MA

Z718.3 .C36 2016
Supercharged storytimes : an early literacy planning and assessment guide / Kathleen Campana, J. Elizabeth Mills, Saroj Nadkarni Ghoting