Lundy Fetterman Museum

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The examples of animal and marine wildlife you see here are part of the collection of 175 exhibits gathered by Burrows T. and Mabel L. Lundy. They made this donation to give people the opportunity to discover more about the natural world through displays of exotic specimens they might otherwise never encounter.

Entrusting Campbell University with this impressive collection, the Lundys hoped this exhibit would stimulate visitors -- young and old alike -- to learn about the animals' habitats and to enjoy the beauty of wildlife.

Highlights of the exhibit include life mounts of a polar bear, a grizzly, a leopard, and a greater kudu; head or shoulder mounts of a goitered gazelle, a Persian ibex, a hippopotamus, and a pronghorn antelope; a lion rug and several zebra rugs; and numerous elephant tusks.

Mrs. Lundy donated her prized collection of shells gathered from the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans, and the Carribbean Sea. A blue marlin, barracuda, rainbow trout, and other fish are also on display.


The Museum is open 9:30am-11:30am on Wednesdays during the semester. Tours are by appointment only. Please call 910-893-1467 to schedule a tour.


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