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National Cancer Institute
Comprehensive descriptions of cancer research programs and clinical trials.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Complementary and alternative healing practices such as aromatherapy, accupuncture, and herbal medicine. Offers resources and pamphlets
National Institute of Mental Health
Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental illnesses. Includes brochures, information sheets, reports, press releases, and fact sheets.
National Women's Health Information Center (Full Text)
A population specialty site for women. It is a relatively new gateway site of health information for consumers, health care professionals, researchers, and educators and is sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service's Office on Women's Health. It provides access to a variety of women's federal resources in addition to those in the private sector. The stated goal of the site is "to help ensure a healthier future for all American women."
Natural Medicines
Natural Medicines provides evidence-based information about traditional and natural therapies, in order to inform clinical and consumer practice.
Naxos Music Library
Naxos Music Library [NML] is the world's largest online classical music library. Currently, it offers streaming access to more than 145K CDs with more than two million tracks. On average, 500 new CDs are added to the library every month.
Limited number of concurrent access. Try again later if access is denied.
NC Health Info
Online guide to quality health and medical information and local health services throughout North Carolina.
Gateway to all NC LIVE databases.
Information about the state, its history, people, government, and educational institutions.
NEJM Journal Watch via NEJM
Journal Watch summarizes and relays research, medical news, drug information, public health alerts, and guidelines across 13 medical specialties. It is commonly used by professional practitioners to stay up to date with current trends.
New Testament Abstracts via EBSCOhost
New Testament Abstracts Online is a product of a partnership between ATLA and Boston College. The database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu. The database contains more than 44,000 article abstracts, 1,200 review abstracts, 16,500 book abstracts, and 50 software abstracts.
New York Times via ProQuest (Full Text)
Provides full text access to New York Times (1980-current), New York Times Magazine (1997-current), and New York Times Book Review (1997-current).
Newspaper Source Plus via EBSCOhost (Full Text)
Provides abstracts and indexing 1995 to present for: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal (Eastern and Western editions), Christian Science Monitor and USA Today. Coverage includes everything except obituaries (exclusive of famous people), sports tables, ads/classifieds, stock prices, and weather. Includes many complete articles from the Christian Science Monitor from 1995 to present, and some complete articles from over 100 other U.S. newspapers.
Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers via Gale (Full Text)
This database contains digital facsimile images of both full pages and clipped articles for hundreds of 19th century U.S. newspapers.
North American Women's Letters and Diaries via Alexander Street Press (Full Text)
Over 150,000 pages of published letters and diaries plus 4,000 pages of previously unpublished materials depicting the personal experiences of hundreds of women.
Contains materials from Colonial times to 1950.
North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA)
The North Carolina Museum of Art serves the people of North Carolina and all visitors as a premier destination for compelling encounters with art. The NCMA is committed to exemplary scholarship and innovative educational enrichment.
North Carolina Public Health
Information on health precautions, links to local health departments, how to get birth certificates.
North Carolina Teacher Academy
Links to Internet based resources for K-12 classroom teachers and educational sites recommended for students and parents.
North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster via N.C. Department of Cultural Resources
This database contains entries for all men who served in North Carolina Civil War units and are listed in the series "North Carolina Troops 1861-1865: A Roster", published by the North Carolina Office of Archives and History.
NoveList Plus via EBSCO (Full Text)
A readers’ advisory resource that uses appeal factors and expert reviews to offer read-alike and listen-alike recommendations for fiction, nonfiction, and audiobooks.