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Spring 2023 Schedule

Led by Dr. Scott Perkins, Pharmacy Practice

This presentation will describe strategies to maximize faculty-created videos and interactive teaching tools. Mayer’s Multimedia Principles will be discussed. An overview of and examples from various video and interactive teaching tools will be described including Panopto, Qualtrics, Open Broadcast Software,, Lucid Chart, and Articulate Storyline. A brief discussion of how interactive learning tools have been implemented into the Doctor of Pharmacy program will take place during this presentation.

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Led by Dr. Lorae Roukema, Professional Education

Whether you teach a 50 minute class or have a 3 hour offering, there are basic principles to lesson design that will support your students to maximize learning. Look at one of your own classes with the lens of instructional design and then discuss active learning strategies to implement within the class structure. Bring a class or two that you’d like to work on for this 1.5 hour workshop.

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Please join other Campbell faculty and staff in the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) on February 28th from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. to watch the first CIC Belong webinar, 'It Takes a Village,' which will feature DEI practitioners and experts addressing issues of inclusivity and belonging on college campuses. We look forward to seeing you at the “watch party” in the TRC.

See additional Campbell resources on the pedagogy of belonging:

Led by Dr. Sherry Truffin, English; Dr. Beth Rubin, Adult & Online Education and Psychology; and Dr. Rick Smith, Prison Education

In this workshop, we will focus on applying sound pedagogical principles in the prison setting, taking into account the unique restrictions and challenges that affect incarcerated students and the faculty who teach them. Topics will include building a positive class climate, encouraging active learning, and sustaining student motivation. Workshop will incorporate feedback from students in Campbell's Second Chance program at the Sampson Correctional Institution.

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Led by David Mulford, Information Technology Services

Each course is different, so self-assessment is critical to ensure that your course meets your desired learning objectives. What strategies do you utilize to self-assess and how do you design your own courses to ensure students find them engaging, easy to follow, and achievable?

David will share some of the latest rubrics, research and approaches to course design, and suggest other course quality metrics while asking the group about their favorites. Please join in the conversation to share your thoughts about what design elements you think are most important and which approaches you think work best for your own course content and objectives.

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The spring book club will read Critical Race Theory: An Introduction (3rd ed.) by Richard Delgado. All book club participants will come together for a final large group discussion on Thursday, April 20, 9am-10am.

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Fall 2022 Schedule

Led by Dr. Beth Rubin, Adult & Online Education and Psychology

Andragogy is the art and science of teaching adults. We will discuss some of the key principles of Knowles (4 principles of adult learning) and (Kolb (experiential cycle), with some Vygotsky thrown in (scaffolding, Zone of Proximal Development, cognitive apprenticeship), and apply them to designing teaching in ways that support self-efficacy, decision-making, meaningfulness and critical thinking skills. During the workshop attendees will work on applying andragogical principles to a topic that is challenging for their students to master.

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Led by Amy Johnson, Counseling Services

No matter your major, being a college student is difficult! This presentation is designed to assist faculty in creating a learning experience that helps to reduce student stress and anxiety in the classroom - while also improving overall student performance and learning outcomes. Using a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI & B) framework, the presenters will pair classroom facilitation techniques with simple and effective emotion management strategies to help create a more effective (and hopefully enjoyable) educational environment for instructor and student alike. This presentation is designed to be conversational and interactive, so please come prepared to share your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives!

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Led by Dr. Lee Rynearson, Engineering

This in-person workshop will briefly review active learning best practices (and those to avoid) but will focus on helping participants make a practical plan to start using or better employ active learning in a spring semester class of their choice. By the end of the workshop participants will have a concise plan to make an approachable improvement in their teaching practice.

Led by Dr. Laura Lunsford, Psychology

Syllabi provide the 'secret formula' to learning in your classes, but all students may not know how to read the formula. Inclusive syllabi convey warmth and make explicit our expectations. Dr. Lunsford uses a visual syllabus to be more inclusive for all learners. In this workshop elements of her visual syllabus will be highlighted that support inclusivity and student wellbeing. During the workshop attendees will work on a syllabus they wish to enhance. Plan to bring your computer and a syllabus you would like to redesign.

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The fall book club will read Critical Race Theory: An Introduction (3rd ed.) by Richard Delgado, a text selected by Dr. Eric Dunnum, English. Participants will receive a copy of the text. Discussion groups will be small to encourage meaningful conversation; therefore, participation is capped at 24 faculty/staff members.

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Lead a Workshop

Leading a workshop is a fantastic opportunity to share your interests, passions, and research with your fellow faculty and staff members. Sharing of ideas and information facilitates collaboration and learning among our community and can empower our faculty with new skills.

Please reach out to Jennifer Seagraves, Instructional Pedagogy and Curriculum Materials Librarian, to discuss your workshop topic and goals, and we will help with the rest.

Please note that we strive to have workshops that are open and inclusive to all faculty regardless of subject area, faculty status, or department.