Research Poster Printing

Any poster that needs to be printed should be submitted 2 weeks in advance of the event to provide enough time to print it and it be picked up.

The person wanting to have a poster printed will need to fill out the following Wufoo form:

Once the form has been filled out a copy of the poster will be passed along to Dr. Terri Hamrick to be approved. She is looking for HIPAA/IRB approval, and that the poster is an appropriate subject topic.

Once the poster has been approved it will be sent to Ms. Sarah Wade.

The Medical Library Graduate Assistant will print the research poster the same day it is approved except on the weekends and it will be held in the medical library offices until the conference participant picks it up.

  • Any non-research posters will be charged the same price as Wiggins-$10.
  • Research posters will not be charged.
  • Poster tubes will not be bought or distributed.
  • Posters will be printed at 36X48 since this is the standard size for conference posters.