Shakespearean UnEssay Projects

February 6th, 2023 - March 31st, 2023

In ENGL 410 Shakespeare, students are encouraged to convey their research in a format other than the traditional academic essay. While academic writing is important, it is a narrow genre that can't always capture the depth or breadth of what is learned through research. Students can work in any medium they wish as long as it is used to communicate their research about Shakespeare and/or his theater. In the past, students have created short films, board games, and children's books to name a few. These projects demonstrate the students' remarkable creativity as well as their curiosity and love of learning. Along with the creation of the project, students are also given the freedom to define how their project will be evaluated. This exhibit is a collection of student UnEssay projects from Dr. Dunnum's Fall 2022 class.

Emeli Dion is an English Pre-Med student graduating in 2024. For her UnEssay, Emeli researched and created a time accurate model of the Shakespearean stage, complete with costumes, a drop door, food, and more. This project is hand-made with cardboard, felt, and clay.

Samuel Yun is an English Pre-Law student graduating in 2023. Samuel researched the history and use of knights within Shakespeare's plays and explained how the women in the plays exemplified the knights' Code of Chivalry more intensely than the men. For his UnEssay, Samuel 3-D printed a medieval knight's helmet and portions of an Elizabethan knight's helmet to show the difference and change from before and during Shakespeare's time.

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