Framework Resources for Librarians

As librarians work to integrate the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education into their Information Literacy instruction programs, Wiggins Memorial Library wishes to share our resources with this community.

Information Fluency Webpages

Feel free to adapt language from our Information Fluency Webpages for your own library.

Framework Posters for Library Instruction Classroom

Using Canva, we have designed six posters, each highlighting a Frame, to hang in our primary instruction room. These posters target students using graphics and three leading questions to convey the main idea of each Frame.

The posters are available as Canva templates:

Framework poster images

Faculty Resources Handouts

The Framework is highlighted in our Faculty Resources handouts, which include a brief description of each frame and information about our library instruction program.

Set of Six Frame Icons

The library's Information Fluency Plan web presence includes a section titled Adopt a Common Language: Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. Within this section, an icon represents each of the six Frames.

Framework icons images

Framework Listing

A listing of the six Frames, with a brief description and key knowledge practices, suitable as a class handout.

Framework listing image