Standardized Test Bank

Wiggins Memorial Library (WML) has a collection of standardized educational and psychological tests and assessments. The purpose of the Test Bank is to provide qualified persons with samples of standardized tests as part of their disciplinary and professional education.

Ethical and professional guidelines require the proper security and use of assessment instruments. The library assessments can be used by students only under the supervision of an instructor in a current Campbell University appropriate course. This guideline was written in accordance with American Psychological Association’s Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, (Dissemination of Information, Standard 9.15 and Test Security and Protection of Copyrights, Standard 9.21). Additionally, the borrowing procedures and restrictions are designed to be in accordance with publisher copyright and licensing guidelines. A list of Items in the collection can be found in the List of Standardized Test Bank and is also available inside of the Test Bank. The Test Bank is located in the Curriculum Materials/Media Center (CMMC) located on the third floor of Wiggins Memorial Library. For more information please contact Ms. Jennifer Seagraves, Instructional Pedagogy and Curriculum Resources Librarian, (910) 814-5562, email: