Government Documents

Government Documents is located in the basement at Wiggins Hall.


Campbell University's Government Documents collection was designated a selective federal depository on March 26, 1965. The primary mission is to support the Wiggins Memorial Library collection, serving the Campbell University community and the surrounding area in this district by offering free use of Government Publications. Faculty and student research, small business opportunities, and the general needs of this small urban and rural area are all considered in this collection. The depository cooperates with the regional depository in Chapel Hill and other selective depositories, both in Fayetteville and Mount Olive, in this effort.


This depository bases its selections upon the needs of the University community and local patrons in Buies Creek, Harnett County, and surrounding communities. Item selection lists are exchanged with Mount Olive College and Fayetteville State University. Regular communication and workshop attendance are conducted with Fayetteville State University. Any needs expressed by the faculty, students, or local patrons are documented and considered when updating the Government Documents item selection list. Consideration is taken when changes in the University curriculum could be a cause for deletion or addition of item numbers. All congressional hearings in microfiche format are kept for historical value. In considering new electronic documents, the decision has been made to subscribe to all CDs except those that pertain to states other than North Carolina. The depository subscribes to topographical maps of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Some material, such as tax forms and census materials, is kept in Government Documents because of its usefulness as reference material or for research. At present Government Documents houses about 38% of documents offered by the Government Printing Office, with more than 58,980 printed documents, 145,210 microfiche, 1,120 maps, 190 DVDs, 50 videos, and 2,110 CDs. Government documents are classified by the SuDoc classification system, in which classes are separated by Government Departments. The A class is Agriculture, ED is Education, HE is Health and Human Services; X and Y are kept open for Congress. A chart is used to show all classes in Government Documents. The Interlibrary Loan program is available to patrons who need documents not found in Campbell's Government Documents collection. Referrals usually are made to the regional depository at UNC-Chapel Hill. Fayetteville State University is also contacted if needed.

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