Poster Printing Service

Submit a Poster Printing Request


Two large format printers are located in the Idea Lab/Makerspace on the third floor of Wiggins Memorial Library in the CMMC. Poster printing is for the use of students, faculty and staff for academic purposes. Academic purpose is defined to include:

  • Education posters, i.e. classroom rules, instructional graphs, supplemental lesson materials, etc.
  • Conference poster presentation
  • Research posters
  • Marketing for university or departmental events

Review the Poster Research Guide for helpful tips on how to effectively design a research poster.

Posters can be printed up to 36" wide; the length may vary. Poster printing requests will be fulfilled within a 48hr time frame (2 full business days). For example, if you submit a request Monday, you will receive it by the close of business on Wednesday. If your department needs posters printed for a symposium or other event, please contact the CMMC staff to make arrangements for such a high volume print request.


  1. When designing your poster, please consider using a white background. Color backgrounds are beautiful but they will drain the ink supply.
  2. Save your document in .PDF format on a USB flash drive or email your document preferably in .PDF format.
  3. Fill out the information required to submit your poster printing request in the form below.
  4. Library staff will not provide design assistance or proofreading. Please make sure your document is ready to print before you arrive or email it.
  5. You will be expected to pay in cash after your poster(s) is printed. The CMMC does not accept Creek or Campbell Bucks.


Poster without lamination/regular paper: $3.00
Poster with lamination/regular paper: $5.00
Research posters/any file printed on high-gloss photo paper: $10.00
Poster tube for storage: $2.00
Exceptions: Faculty/students whose printing requests are being paid for by their department.